I have a friend who works in People Magazine.

He told me that when he is working for one interview, the first draft should have 30,000 words, and usually, it would take six months to interpret this person from at least four angles. I asked him, is it worth it for you to spend so much time? He told me if there is one person who is reading this, it's worth it.

So, this is why i´m writing here.

I woke up this morning thinking about that younger us.

The past year has meant a lot for us.

I remember that summer without music.

I remember that song by Joy Division-- Isolation.

I remember the applause at 8 o'clock every night.

I remember social distancing.

I remember that without you, there would be no SSSTUFFF today.

So, here, please allow me to share this song---Only you.

Thank you very much, and please thank the people around you, those you love or those you loved.

I remember when I graduated from film school, our teacher told us, Please don't forget that we are dreammakers, we are storytellers. No matter what you do, chef, baker, architect, cleaner, etc...we just use different carriers to do the same thing.

So i thought to ourselves(SSSTUFFF), instead of having the conversation about changing the world, make a better life... let's try and change someone's life. If you are a stranger designer, if you have fresh creativity, if you(or your grandparents) have your particular handicraft, we want to hear from you. We are at ho@ssstufff.com & jepi@ssstufff.com.

And please, DON'T send us the CV that you send to other people, if you have a dream/story, you won't do that.

We love you!


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