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SSSTUFFF ComplexCon 2022 Pop-up


Last November 19-20 of 2022, SSSTUFFF brought its Souvenirs pop-up store from sun-kissed streets of Barcelona directly to ComplexCon at beautiful Long Beach, California. 


This pop-up is purely inspired by a mix of our own SSSTUFFF supermarket shop and a souvenir stores, which you can commonly find around the centre of Barcelona in La Rambla street.


SSSTUFFF Souvenirs pop-up was a space where customers could experience the brand in a truly encompassing way. We really wanted to bring a small piece of us, our Barcelona and the whole atmosphere and inspiration that surrounds us here very single day, so everyone could really understand and feel the brand, the pieces and understand where it all comes from. 



Stepping into SSSTUFFF pop-up you directly dive into the very fun and interactive experience. Space is divided into two parts: street souvenirs area and a supermarket part. The shop is fulfilled with endless details:  Lottery stand with lots of ssstufff dollars around screams to try your luck with SSSTUFFF Lottery t-shirt; Newspapers stacks on the ground, flyers and graffitis all around the outside area of the store, representing Barcelona´s streets; Fruit stand and supermarket shelfs are not filled with food but with clothes, packagings and accessories all around.



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