About us

-What is SSSTUFFF?

SSSTUFFF is a unique and innovative brand from Barcelona, founded in 2019 by Jepi and Ho.

 With a mission to bring happiness to people through interactive and playful designs, SSSTUFFF's products are inspired by daily objects and childhood memories.

 The brand's first collection was launched in 2020 and can be found at their flagship store in the heart of Barcelona. With a focus on customer engagement through cut, scratch, and smell elements, as well as scratch-and-win and color-changing features.

SSSTUFFF's slogan is "happy and interactive", and the company aims to create Not Boring clothes for humans on Mars. "


We created SSSTUFFF because we wanted to combine our love for streetwear and fashion with our happiness vision.

We are both kids from the Hypebeast culture, we felt that something was missing. We wanted to create a brand that not only looked good but also brought experience/memories to people. We come from different cultures, but we found that we had a lot in common when it came to our passion for fashion and design.

We wanted to create a bridge that connects people from different backgrounds and cultures(the western and the eastern) through our unique designs and interactive elements.


SSSTUFFF is a brand that was created with the purpose of spreading joy and happiness through our unique, interactive and sustainable fashion.

We believe that clothing should be more than just a simple garment, it should be a part of who you are and bring positive energy to those around you.

We want to create clothing that makes people happy, not only when they wear it, but also when they see others wearing it.


We take inspiration from every trip we make, every pop-up we set up, and every person we meet.

We use this inspiration to give back to our community through unique and interactive designs, such as incorporating different smells, words, and even ticket receipts from Starbucks.

We believe in learning from life/science/people and using that experience/feeling/knowledge to create something special. We see our brand's future just like the future of clean energy, eco, and inexhaustible.

We are passionate about learning and growing, which will allow us to continue to create unique and meaningful experiences for our community.


Sustainability is not just about our actions, but also about educating our community on how to live sustainably.

We create unique garments, such as a cut-my-hair sweater that teaches people how to knit; a telephone booth hoodie that brings back the experience of using a coin-operated phone booth. Sustainability is not just financial, it's also mental. By learning handcrafts, recovering an experience, we can take a break from technology and appreciate the disappearing cultures.

We aim to inspire our customers to love their life and make sustainability a more integral part of it.